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Data, at Core

We fully exploit the potential of data to understand and transform the company in its products and services.
We generate innovation and transformation with the customer. We work with integrity and transparency, promoting technology transfer at every stage of the project.


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Finance & Insurance

We help our partners along the path of digitalization, leveraging the power of data and proposing innovative solutions that are harmonious with the customer's ecosystem

The continuous evolution and introduction of new technological solutions, regulatory obligations, and changes in the customer base are increasingly accentuating the dichotomy between traditional banks and new startups that are aggressively attacking the banking sector.

On one hand, traditional banks are trying to keep up by defining digital transformation programs in continuity with the large heterogeneity of pre-existing data and systems. On the other hand, new entities born under the auspices of Cloud-Native are trying to snatch market share from competitors, confident in their agility. Yet, the challenges are often similar: defining new business models and increasingly innovative, accessible and digital products, exploiting the potential of open banking, and ensuring customers have a personalized, effective, and secure experience. In this scenario, it becomes crucial to fully exploit the potential of data to make targeted decisions along the entire value chain and to ensure the quality of the offering towards the end customer.

At Quantyca, we face the challenge of supporting our partners by proposing ambitious solutions from a technical and functional point of view, such as Legacy Modernization programs, data streaming, advanced analytics, data governance, and data mesh. These solutions are harmonized with the client’s technological legacy, but always with a push towards innovation, with the constant certainty of the importance of keeping data at the center.

The data becomes the key to improving customer experience and optimizing internal processes

Omnichannel is now a fundamental requirement for modern retail, capable of providing a consistent and effective customer experience both online and offline. Customer touchpoints are constantly increasing, and the value chain itself has expanded with supporting systems such as e-commerce logistics and integrated customer care. Managing these large volumes of data is crucial for making impactful business decisions and creating a quality customer experience.

The experience gained by Quantyca in retail and FMCG allows us to identify the best architectural and technological solutions for data management through the application of paradigms that create a competitive advantage such as real-time, cloud, artificial intelligence, and data governance.

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Go far, go fast! We support our clients along the path of digitizing their processes and services through the adoption of advanced technologies for effective, rapid, and valuable transformation.

A strategic vision and strong technological competence, to make our clients’ transformation and digitization process fast and secure. In a rapidly changing industry, which deals with moving people and things, where evolution must coincide with safety, and where customers are increasingly attentive and demanding regarding the quality of services offered, Quantyca offers professionalism and technological expertise to support its clients in this process of change.

Data at the center as a support element for decision-making processes, data availability as a facilitator in building real-time services of the highest value, and the quality of information are distinctive and essential elements for us to facilitate and support our clients.

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We support the transition and transformation of the energy market with a pervasive approach to the use of data

There are three main trends that will transform the energy sector and that we are already experiencing:

  • Decarbonization: The process of electrification and investments in renewables are constantly expanding in a global green process.
  • Decentralization: Diversification of supplies up to the co-production of energy by large suppliers and consumers.
  • Digitalization: Modernization of the entire production, distribution, and supply chain through process optimization and the creation of innovative, evolved, and smart services. In this “revolution,” industries in the sector are increasingly open to Open Innovation as a paradigm for growth and to capture innovative insights by leveraging cross-functional external expertise and transforming them internally into opportunities.

Quantyca is familiar with the current trend in the sector and supports its clients with a proactive approach by providing technical and professional expertise, fostering new ideas, generating opportunities, and contributing to the creation of solutions that bring value.

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We support progress and research through quality data management and adoption of advanced artificial intelligence techniques

Companies in the Life Science sector make continuous innovation the key to their success. Proper management of data generated in the phases of research, experimentation, production, and use of their products is a fundamental requirement to enable advanced analysis capable of producing high-value insights.

Quantyca supports its clients in industrializing the processes of integration, analysis, and interpretation of data. Furthermore, thanks to the experience gained in the field of artificial intelligence, it is able to provide the best tools to address a wide range of use cases, from clinical data analysis to image processing or data generated by sensors and other instruments.

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Data for Resilience, Quality, Sustainability

Modern production chains are the result of continuous innovation in processes, organization, and technology.

The pervasive use of AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics is the key to continuing this path, leveraging the existing information assets and making the most of IIOT investments.

Quantyca supports production industries in the ideation, development, and deployment of:

  • AI solutions for automatic quality control Process mining for identifying critical points in production processes Real-time integration of ERP with other systems for consolidated analysis of performance and production efficiency.
  • Soluzioni di AI per il controllo automatico della qualità
  • Process Mining per l’individuazione di criticità nei processi produtivi
  • Integrazione in realtime di ERP con altri sistemi per l’analisi consolidata delle performance ed efficienza produttiva

Use Cases


Being agents of change and anticipating it is one of our distinctive features.

We design, implement and maintain platforms for managing data throughout its lifecycle, from ingestion to exploitation, passing through all stages of integration.

To create data platforms that are able to quickly adapt to changes and evolve over time, we follow key principles in design by working in partnership with our clients to help them become more competitive by fully exploiting the potential provided by new technologies.

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