AWS Glue consolidates the main data integration functionalities into a single serverless service. Key functionalities include:

  • Data Classification

Function that uses crawlers to determine the technical schema of data. AWS Glue provides classifiers for the most common file types, e.g. CSV, JSON, XML, AVRO. It also provides classifiers for the most common relational database management systems using a JDBC connection.

  • Data Catalog

Persistent metadata repository: the catalogue contains table definitions, process definitions and other control information for managing data entities in AWS.


AWS Glue Jobs system provides a managed infrastructure for defining, planning and executing ETL/ELT operations on data in order to prepare and consolidate the data and enable its analysis.

  • Streaming Processing

In addition to batch modes, it is possible to create streaming processing operations that are executed continuously, e.g. consuming data from Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK).

AWS-Glue servizi


Using the AWS Glue Studio component, data integration processes can be created, executed and monitored via a graphical interface. AWS Glue Studio allows you to visually compose data transformation flows and easily execute them on the serverless ETL engine based on Apache Spark.

AWS Glue is the ideal tool for efficiently running data pipelines in AWS. Due to its serveless nature, it allows you to optimise costs and use a pay-as-you-go billing model that allows you to start using the tool without upfront costs.

At Quantyca, we have developed libraries that extend Glue’s functionality such as custom tracing and logging libraries that enable additional execution information and integrate with external monitoring tools such as Elasticserch.


As an AWS Partner, we bring our expertise in cloud data management processes, leveraging the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of the AWS Glue service.

Our consulting services:

  • Consulting to start with new Cloud Native projects 
  • Assessment of existing solutions and Data Platform migrations 
  • Data Management landing zone design and implementation for multi-account and multi-region management 
  • Support on developing data integration pipelines 
  • Maintenance of Cloud environments 

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