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Business Summary

Rinascente is active in Italy with nine prestigious stores, in large historical buildings, in the heart of major cities. Much more than shops: true references for the city and for high level shopping. Exclusive places born ‘for the city, with the city, in the city’. Rinascente opens to the public like a window on the world, becoming the stage not only for fashion, but for a theatre full of novelties, unique proposals and events. Each shop presents itself as a large house of brands, offering a unique experience.

In recent years Rinascente has embarked on a path to replicate the store experience also online. This digital transformation has required an effective integration of information between the company’s systems to support business processes.


→ Increased security and scalability of the data architecture

→ Optimisation of IT infrastructure management costs

→ Development of new data-driven services


Rinascente has recognised the many advantages that modern hybrid cloud infrastructures offer for improving the performance of IT services provided to business functions, both in terms of reducing operating costs and in terms of adaptability in the face of a volatile and rapidly changing business environment. A successful transition requires the definition of a cloud strategy tailored to the company’s specific needs, taking into account the impacts on corporate culture, infrastructure and technology, staff skills and IT budget management.


The main objectives of Cloud Adoption include:

Modernisation of infrastructures and technologies to ensure greater security in data storage and processing, plus the possibility of elastic scaling of resources as the workload changes

Adoption of new pay-as-you-go cost models and the benefits of AWS discount plans for medium to long-term spending commitments. Migration of major architecture components to fully managed services that reduce infrastructure maintenance costs

Valorisation of domain data as the company’s new digital assets, supporting advanced analytics, improved business processes and customer experience. Implementation of services for extracting real-time value and insight from data


Quantyca assisted Rinascente in analysing the current state of the company’s data architecture and designing the new cloud native architecture and transition plan. The strategy definition covered several aspects, including the construction of a cloud landing zone based on a multi-account environment and AWS guidelines for network schema design, workload partitioning and centralised governance management.

Quantyca led the innovation by personally overseeing the pilot projects to migrate the data warehouse and other data architecture components to the new AWS cloud environment, implementing emerging best practices for data management and data-ops processes, according to the Data Fabric model. In parallel with the migration of existing workloads, Quantyca designed solutions for the development of new enterprise data access services based on AWS’s serverless offering.

To improve operational excellence, Quantyca proposed a federated governance framework oriented to the emerging Data Mesh paradigm, which allows a proper balance between the need for platform control and the independence of work teams to improve agility in the delivery of new products and services.


Rinascente has achieved several objectives, including:

  • the modernisation of the architecture and the adoption of security standards for data management;
  • the simplification of data infrastructure management through the adoption of fully managed services and the use of asset lifecycle support services;
  • the improvement of the quality of IT services provided to the company, in terms of reliability, reduction of incidents and intervention times, and adaptability to changing business needs.

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