TIBCO Software Inc. is a leading American multinational provider of integration, analytics and business process solutions.

With 25 years of industry experience, TIBCO helps companies connect their applications, data and devices in real time to enable fast and efficient decisions. TIBCO’s main products include:

An advanced analytics solution that allows corporate data to be integrated, visualised and analysed by exploiting both native and developable data visualisation & analytics functionalities that can be integrated within the tool to improve corporate decision-making

It allows combining and integrating different data sources, both batch and real time, through different abstraction and semantic normalisation layers, adapting business data to different technical and business needs

A data platform specifically designed to meet the performance requirements of high-volume real-time streaming applications by ensuring optimum performance and data consistency along with control over the implemented processes

A platform that enables the creation of an end-to-end data science solution by implementing data cleaning and feature selection flows, analysis algorithms (especially prediction mode) and MLOps flows, and control of the deployment of the model created

A cloud-based data and application integration platform that enables connection to different systems and automation of business processes


With TIBCO solutions, companies can improve their flexibility, reduce operational costs and increase productivity.

With its many services covering the entire data lifecycle, Tibco is an excellent partner for building data management, transformation and analysis solutions that can utilise the full potential of data and enable faster, more accurate and functional data-driven decisions.

The main benefits of Tibco’s products are:

Tibco's products offer a wide range of certified connectors to various data sources both cloud and on prem that allow rapid interfacing to the source systems that will feed the various technical solutions.
Tramite API native o sviluppabili nei più comuni linguaggi di programmazione, è possibile collegare e integrare le soluzioni sviluppate all’interno di applicazioni a supporto di qualsiasi processo aziendale.
By means of native APIs or those that can be developed in the most common programming languages, it is possible to connect and integrate developed solutions within applications supporting any business process.
Tibco offers the possibility of extending and native functionality of its products with different ecosystems via scripts in the most common programming languages, depending on the field of application (Javascript, Python, Scala, SQL, C#...).
Tibco's products can be equally deployed within cloud-based, on-premise and hybrid enterprise IT architectures and are present in the marketplaces of major cloud providers.
The Tibco community of different professionals provides extensive support for solution development through articles, Wikis. It is also possible to find accelerators and git repositories to speed up the development process and get the solution into production quickly.


Quantyca has been working side by side with TIBCO since 2015, during these years of partnership we have proposed state-of-the-art solutions to meet the complex and specific requirements of each of our clients. With mature experience in different sectors such as Logistics & Transportations, Energy & Utilities and Retail & GDO our consultancy offers numerous services including:

  • Assessment of existing Tibco solutions
  • Start-up of new projects
  • Enterprise and self-service reporting
  • Real-time data flow and analysis
  • Data Platform with data virtualisation
  • Data Science models and MLOps of the same
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