Effective data analysis and visualization are becoming increasingly crucial for supporting business decisions and strategies, and gaining a deeper understanding of organizational processes. In order to achieve the right degree of flexibility in performing analyses that effectively respond to constantly evolving questions, it is essential to design the proper data consumption architecture.

At Quantyca, this architecture must support different business functions through both consultative analyses of developed models and more personalized analyses that a business user may require. Quantyca provides its clients with decades of experience in this field, offering an approach that extends beyond simply creating reports or dashboards and encompasses the entire cycle of analysis of both structured (both SQL and NoSQL databases) and unstructured data: from identifying KPIs to predicting them to prescriptive analysis.

All of this is accomplished using various tools, both enterprise and open source, to best adapt to the client’s decision-making process and technological needs.

Technologies Data Analytics
Data Analytics
Data Analytics

We are specialized in the Qlik Data Integration suite and help our clients replicate data in real-time using Qlik Replicate.

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Data Analytics

We have been partners with Tibco for more than 8 years, with more than 70 active certifications. Discover the tools we use to create our solutions.

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

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