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The physical sales channel has been joined in recent years by the digital channel (e.g. e-commerce, digital marketplace, …) and hybrid channels (e.g. click and collect, ship from store, ship to lockers, drop shipping, … ).
Being able to track stock in real time across the various sales channels and logistics processes is crucial, both to reduce operating costs and to increase customer loyalty to the brand.
However, inventory is still calculated by most retailers on a daily basis at store closing time. Within the day, sales are managed either with infinite stock logic or by applying guarantee buffers on the last known stock status.


  • Overselling if inventory is managed with infinite stock.
  • Underselling if inventory is managed with guarantee buffers.
  • Difficulty in monitoring and optimizing logistics.
  • Inability to reactively manage replenishment policies.
  • Inability to analyze sales in real time to offer targeted and contextual promotions.
of retailers recognise real time inventory as an enabling strategy
for the effective management of sales channels, considering it a critical point for the achievement of financial targets
of retailers report having 'few advanced systems and processes'
to achieve agile, accurate and cost-effective inventory management


Stock changes are collected by the sales channels (store POS and e-commerce orders) and the real-time inventory management system within a stream processing platform.
The stream platform from the variation events continuously recalculates the stock and provides an updated inventory image to the different channels and applications.
The inventory can optionally be replicated by the streaming system within a high performance store for real time analysis.

The complete route

1. Tracking
All stock changes are intercepted and consolidated by the streaming platform to provide up-to-date inventory status
2. Optimisation
The updated inventory image is used to optimize sales and logistics processes
3. Innovation
The updated inventory image is used to provide innovative cross-channel services based on artificial intelligence (real time recommendation, fraud detection, proactive replenishment, etc.)


Elimination of overselling and underselling phenomena
Greater visibility of logistics processes, possibility of intercepting criticalities and optimizing activities
Possibility to intervene on replenishment processes more reactively
Possibility of activating promotional campaigns based on intra-day sales performance; reduction of dead stock
Customer care more effective in helping the customer in case of problems
Possibility of acquiring other information of interest from touchpoints in real time (e.g. customer information)
Video Talk
Real-time Inventory with Kafka and Kafka Stream at Rinascente 2021
Date and Time: 25/10/2021

Consumer purchasing habits have drastically changed in recent years. Going to a physical store is no longer the only option for retail shopping. Retailers have evolved to meet this new...

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