Amazon Bedrock is designed to facilitate the creation of applications that incorporate the use of Generative AI. As a fully managed service and thanks to its serverless computing model, it eliminates the need to manage complex infrastructures, allowing companies to focus on their core business. The platform offers a wide range of Foundation Models, pre-trained LLMs with vast amounts of data that can be customized and optimized to fit various use cases.

With the assistance of advanced models, Bedrock ensures accurate and domain-specific text translations into various languages, automating a process that is often costly and labor-intensive.
Text generation
Starting from user-provided textual descriptions (prompts), the models can create engaging and realistic texts quickly and efficiently.
Text extraction
Bedrock enables use cases for automatically extracting information from unstructured documents, such as emails or customer reviews, facilitating interpretation and insight extraction. By identifying key entities, relationships, and concepts, Bedrock's models can assist businesses in decision-making processes.
Text evaluation and classification
With Bedrock, it's possible to automate text classification, assigning each text the category that best represents it. For example, comments or user reviews can be classified, identifying potential negative and/or offensive content for timely intervention.
Text summarization
It's possible to identify salient information within long and complex texts, creating concise yet informative summaries that do not overlook the main content of the original text.
Virtual assistants
Amazon Bedrock allows the development of intelligent chatbots capable of real-time, natural, and personalized interactions with users, taking into account business needs.

Among the LLMs available in Amazon Bedrock, Claude stands out as the flagship model of Anthropic, which, with its latest versions, competes with the most renowned models on the market. Claude is a versatile model with high processing speed, capable of performing tasks including text translation, creative writing, code generation, and image analysis, whether they are photographs or technical graphs.

Amazon Bedrock also ensures that user data is not used for model refinement or shared with third parties, guaranteeing a high level of privacy. The focus on data protection, combined with ease of deployment and the possibility of using always-updated models, ranks AWS’s service as an ideal choice for companies looking to stay at the forefront of AI innovation.


Amazon Bedrock offers advanced functionalities to make the most out of its Foundation Models. The main features can be classified as follows:

Users can test different combinations of inputs (prompts) and model configurations to observe the outputs obtained. This process is useful for evaluating model inference and allows users to select the best LLM for their use case. Tests can be conducted using the dedicated API or the graphical interface provided by the service.

A knowledge base refers to a dataset of information related to a specific domain, such as texts, images, data, or any type of information considered useful by the user. In Amazon Bedrock, an external knowledge base is a data repository that users can provide to models as additional knowledge to generate more coherent and contextualized responses.

Agents are intelligent virtual assistants that combine model capabilities with the ability to perform concrete actions. An agent can determine if the response received from a model is sufficient for the user or if it needs improvement. For example, through function calling, an agent can invoke functions, make API calls, execute queries on a database, to complete a task. Amazon Bedrock’s Agents can automate complex processes and provide a more efficient and personalized assistance experience.

The models provided by Bedrock can be further trained through a fine-tuning process to adapt to specific tasks or domains. Starting from a consolidated knowledge and using additional data provided by the user, a model can be customized and adapted to specific contexts.

Amazon Bedrock offers so-called guardrails, tools to configure restrictions, rules, or security measures to limit or prevent the issuance of inappropriate, harmful, or unwanted content by LLMs.


As an AWS Partner, we bring our expertise in cloud data management processes, leveraging the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of the Amazon Bedrock.

Our consulting services:

  • Consulting to start with new Cloud Native projects 
  • Assessment of existing solutions and Data Platform migrations 
  • Data Management landing zone design and implementation for multi-account and multi-region management 
  • Support on developing data integration pipelines 
  • Maintenance of Cloud environments 

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