More and more organisations are embarking on a cloud journey attracted by the versatility and savings of adopting more modern, scalable and reliable solutions. In this context, we are witnessing the adoption of different strategies: some embrace the offerings of a single cloud provider, others use the services of several cloud providers for various reasons, creating multi-cloud architectures, others maintain part of their on-premise infrastructure to create hybrid environments, and finally others choose SaaS solutions.

Quantyca is one of Snowflake’s first Italian partners and resellers, and in recent years has greatly increased its experience thanks to the planning and various certifications obtained by its employees.


Quantyca supports its customers in digital transformation processes by helping them in the design, implementation and evolutionary management of modern data platforms.

As a Certified Select Partner, we have been able to work together with Snowflake by implementing various solutions for our customers in different sectors such as retail, utilities, industrial, insurance and finance.

We are resellers of the Snowflake platform and offer the following consulting services

  • start-up of new projects
  • assessment of existing solutions
  • design and implementation of data warehousing and datalogging solutions
  • remote or in-house training
Quantica has been a Snowflake partner since 2018, one of the first in Italy.

Snowflake Data Platform

Snowflake is a complete cloud data platform with which very different use cases can be implemented, from data warehouse to lakehouse construction, from streaming ingestion to semi-structured data support.

Its multi-cluster shared-data architecture allows it to scale storage and computing power independently, thus offering significant savings compared to traditional un-prem solutions.

Snowflake is offered as a fully-managed service, so users are exempted from management efforts.

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The multi-cluster shared-data architecture of Snowflake is a hybrid of the architectures used in traditional databases. As in shared-disk architectures, Snowflake uses a central repository for data, accessible to all compute nodes of the platform. Similar to shared-nothing architectures, Snowflake exploits clusters of MPP nodes in which each node stores a portion of the data locally.

This approach provides the simplified data management of shared-disk architectures and at the same time the performance and scaling capabilities of shared-nothing architectures. The ecosystem is organised on three logical layers that interact with each other:

Data transferred to Snowflake are automatically reorganised with its internal columnar format. Snowflake is responsible for their organisation and optimisation.

Calculations are performed through Virtual Warehouses, independent and dynamic computing clusters. Virtual Warehouses can be automatically or programmatically switched on/off or resized on the fly.

Features that coordinate the various components and take care of aspects such as authentication and authorisation, infrastructure management, metadata management and query optimisation

Snowflake AI

Because of Large Language Models (LLM) and Generative AI, Snowflake has integrated a new line of services aimed at incorporating artificial intelligence processes within the data platform:

Snowflake Cortex: A fully managed service providing access to leading AI models, LLM, and vector search capabilities, enabling quick data analysis and easy development of AI applications. Cortex grants access to a broad catalog of serverless functions capable of executing LLM-based functionalities, such as text completion, text-to-SQL, embedding calculations, and semantic search.

Snowpark Container Services: Allows deployment, management, and scaling of containerized AI workloads and models, including open-source LLM models or vector databases like Weaviate or Pinecone. All of this is within a secure infrastructure managed by Snowflake.

Why Snowflake

The cloud data warehouse market is very competitive and each cloud provider offers its own product. Snowflake has changed the rules of the game: it is a cloud-native platform that is not derived from the adaptation of an on-premise or pre-existing solution. Moreover, it is a fully managed ecosystem and does not lock in the use of a specific cloud provider.

Among the main reasons for its success:

  • Platform capable of supporting different types of use cases: Data Engineering, Data Lake, Data
  • Warehouse, Data Science, Data Applications, Data Sharing
  • Fully managed service with pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Decoupling of storage and computation with infinite scaling capability (vertical for performance and horizontal for concurrency)
  • ANSI SQL compliance with support for analytical functions and automatic query optimisation
  • Support for structured and semi-structured data (Parquet, CSV, JSON, AVRO, XML, ORC, ..)
  • Ability to replicate data between multiple cloud providers with automatic compression and encryption
  • Hierarchical encryption model to ensure security and compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI-DSS regulations
  • SSO-based authentication (AD, OKTA, SAML) and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Extensive list of technology partners to support various types of use cases and integration/access modes

Success stories

Use Cases



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Data and AI: Engines of Evolution
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The rise of modern AI has opened a new chapter in the world of data, transforming our approach and highlighting the potential of unstructured information sources. This change has led...

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Quantyca at Snowflake Data for Breakfast 2024
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Quantyca will participates, as a Blue Sponsor, at the Data for Breakfast Milano 2024, the Snowflake event dedicated to the power of the Data Cloud platform.

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Quantyca at Snowflake Data for Breakfast 2023
Date and Time: 23/03/2023

Quantyca will participates, as a Blue Sponsor, at the Data for Breakfast Milano 2023, the Snowflake event dedicated to the power of the Data Cloud platform.

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