AWS CloudFormation provides an easy way to model a collection of AWS and third-party resources, quickly and consistently provision them, and manage them throughout their lifecycle. 

You can use a template to create, update, and delete an entire resource stack as a single unit, as many times as you like, without having to manage the resources individually. 

Moreover, you can manage and provision stacks across different AWS accounts and Regions. 


AWS CloudFormation modules and StackSets


This makes CloudFormation a fundamental tool for implementing and managing the Data Platform in the AWS Cloud.  

At Quantyca, we have developed a registry of templates that facilitate the initial bootstrap of the Data Platform and help organize resources using a multi-account strategy to separate responsibilities and costs based on the organizational structure of our clients.  

This allows us to efficiently organize and manage the infrastructure components of Data Products, following the key principles of Data Mesh architectures. 



  • Multi-account and multi-region management 
  • Use of common programming languages to define resources with the CDK 
  • Preview of environment changes 
  • Dependency management 


As an AWS Partner, we bring our expertise in cloud resource lifecycle management, leveraging the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of the AWS CloudFormation service. 


Our consulting services: 

  • Consulting to start with new Cloud Native projects 
  • Assessment of existing solutions and Cloud migrations 
  • Landing zone design and implementation for multi-account management 
  • Maintenance of Cloud environments
  • Training both remotely and in-house 

Success Stories

Use Cases



Cloud Data Fabric – Partner Connect – Quantyca, AWS & Qlik

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