Owned by Salesforce since 2019, Tableau is a comprehensive data analytics solution capable of supporting users throughout the entire data analysis cycle, enabling data-driven decision-making processes. Tableau ensures effective data utilization through a full suite of integrated features, including data management and governance, visual analysis, storytelling support, and advanced collaboration tools. It is primarily designed for analysts and is widely used for Self-BI as it offers the ability to independently prepare, explore, and analyze data.

The product offers multiple features that make tackling data analytics and data visualization use cases extremely simple and effective:

Intuitive Interface
Users can interact with the tool effortlessly through drag-and-drop of data fields and creating charts without the need for advanced knowledge.
Connection to various data sources
It is possible to connect to various data sources, including databases, Excel files, cloud services, and combine them using join, union, blending to obtain a comprehensive view of the data.
Interactive Visualizations
Tableau offers a wide range of visualizations, including charts, maps, dashboards, dynamic tables. Users can select elements, apply dynamic filters, drill up/down to identify data trends or insights.
Real-time Analysis
Tableau enables real-time data analysis through immediate dashboard updates, extremely useful for reacting promptly to changes in business data.
Calculations and Aggregations
Users can perform custom calculations and aggregations directly within Tableau, building tailored metrics for analytical needs.
Through the features it offers, Tableau enables the sharing of visualizations within your team or with individuals who need access to the dashboards.
Mobile Accessibility
Tableau provides mobile apps that enhance data accessibility from anywhere.


In recent years, Salesforce and Tableau have been heavily focused on building AI-based tools. In fact, Tableau integrates several AI-powered features that leverage Einstein, the AI service launched by Salesforce. Among these:

Users can ask questions in natural language as if they were chatting with a virtual assistant. In response, Tableau automatically provides visualizations based on the data corresponding to the question asked. It is designed to simplify data analysis and make accessing information more intuitive and efficient, even for users who are not BI experts.

It allows users to select a specific point on the chart and automatically receive interactive explanations of why the data behaves in a certain way. It is a useful tool for uncovering hidden insights or influences in the data to gain a deeper understanding of analysis results.


Tableau’s offering includes several products for report development, among the main ones:

Software primarily used by data analysts and IT professionals, it allows the creation of interactive and shareable dashboards and reports using a drag-and-drop interface.

An enterprise-level platform that enables organizations to publish, share, and collaborate on dashboards created with Tableau Desktop within on-premises or cloud infrastructure.

It is the cloud-based version of Tableau Server. It offers similar functionality but is hosted and fully managed by Tableau in the cloud. It is highly convenient for organizations that prefer a managed cloud-based service.

A modern self-service data preparation tool that allows data combining, modeling, and cleaning for analysis within Tableau, included with the Creator license. Users can connect to the data source, select the desired tables, easily perform operations like filtering, renaming, pivoting, joining, unions, visually view a dataflow of operations, and ultimately execute the data preparation workflow.

A free version designed for users who want to share visualizations with the public. Users can create interactive dashboards and reports using Tableau Public Desktop and publish them on the Tableau Public cloud platform.


We offer cutting-edge solutions to meet the complex and specific needs of each of our clients. With extensive experience in the field of BI & Data Analytics, we are capable of providing consulting services, including:

  • Assessment of existing solutions and migration to Tableau.
  • Initiating new projects.
  • Enterprise and self-service reporting.
  • Real-time data flows and analysis.
  • Data Platform design.

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