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At Quantyca, our mission is to provide specific solutions for needs of clients and are designed to adapt and evolve in line with business development. Our offering is structured around specific use cases: each discipline described below operates autonomously, but we often customize our proposals by combining expertise from each domain.

In the field of AI, we operate in 3 technological areas:

Generative AI: We harness generative AI to transform unstructured data into actionable insights. Using both closed-source and open-source LLM and advanced language models, we design solutions seamlessly integrating into business processes, fostering efficiency and innovation. Our expertise ranges from generating intelligent content to customizing customer interactions, always emphasizing data quality and result accuracy.

Computer Vision: Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we develop systems capable of interpreting and analyzing images with extreme precision. Our offering stands out for a personalized approach, accompanied by fine-tuning techniques, to deliver highly reliable solutions adaptable to various client contexts. Common use cases include image classification and segmentation, intelligent document processing, and OCR.

Data Science: In the multidisciplinary field of Data Science, bridging computer science, mathematics, and statistics, we excel in a methodical and analytical approach to data management. Through detailed analysis of structured data, we create predictive models for trend and pattern forecasting, along with meticulously designed recommendation engines seamlessly integrating with client business functions. Our focus on MLOps processes ensures end-to-end management of machine learning models, making them production-ready, accessible to consumers, and reproducible for future use cases.

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