Quantyca at Kafka Summit London 2022

Andrea Gioia, CTO Quantyca, participated in the Kafka Summit London 2022 with the speech 'Handling eventual consistency in a transactional world'.
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Onsite Event
Date and Time: 25/04/2022

There are several solutions used today to make data managed by legacy systems available in real time.

Compared to the others, however, Change Data Capture (CDC) is one of the few that can guarantee low latency and, at the same time, drastically reduce the load borne by the systems that manage the company’s core data.

When data is moved from a relational database to a distributed streaming platform what is gained in terms of throughput and latency is, however, lost in terms of strong consistency.

Not all consumers of this data, however, are able to handle this complexity on their own.

There are many possible solutions that can be adopted to mitigate this problem by preserving the consistency of operations on different layers.

Key elements

  • What is meant by eventual consistency
  • Why strong consistency is lost by migrating data from a database to Kakfa
  • Different solutions to preserve consistency
  • Pros and cons of different solutions in terms of transactional integrity and latency loss

Who it is aimed at

IT Enterprise Architect


Andrea Gioia
CTO, Quantyca

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