Vertica is an analytical data platform optimized for OLAP workloads, based on a columnar database and a high-performance massive parallel processing (MPP) engine. Thanks to its native integrations with other major technologies in the event-driven architecture (Apache Kafka) and big data (Hadoop, Spark, and Amazon S3) fields and support for semi-structured data, it is a valid solution for data warehousing and various analytical processing use cases.

As an alternative to its traditional Enterprise architecture, which is oriented towards a share-nothing model, Vertica has introduced the Eon mode in recent years. This mode allows for independent scaling of compute resources from data storage, hosting the latter on an external object store and allowing for easy extension of the computational cluster based on user scalability needs.


Quantyca has been a Vertica partner since 2012. As a certified partner, we have collaborated with Vertica to deliver various solutions to our clients in the retail and services sectors. We are a reseller of Vertica technology and offer the following consulting services:

→ initiation of new projects

→ assessment of existing solutions

→ consulting for migration to Eon mode

→ design and implementation of data warehousing solutions

→ remote or in-house training

Channel Manager: Pietro La Torre
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