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Quantyca at Kafka Summit Europe 2021

From Legacy Systems to Microservices and back
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Onsite Event
Date and Time: 11/05/2021

Legacy systems are the kings of our IT architectures. They govern the evolution of the technology ecosystem that hosts them because of the control they have gained over time over key data and processes.

Legacy systems, however, pose severe limitations in responding quickly to business needs, as well as in seizing the opportunities made available by modern technologies.

The Digital Integration Hub (DIH) is an architectural integration pattern that allows legacy systems to be modernised in place, enabling IT to increase agility while reducing costs and operational risks

Key elements

  • Review of DIH architecture
  • Illustration of different models for transferring data from legacy systems to Kafka with pros and cons in terms of transactional consistency and latency
  • Presentation of different strategies for consuming data transferred from the legacy system to Kafka and their adaptation to different use cases
  • Demonstration of how to close the loop and use Kafka and the CQRS pattern to handle all data moving backwards from applications to legacy systems via write commands


Andrea Gioia
CTO, Quantyca

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