Data Innovation Summit 2024

Hybrid Event
Date and Time: 24/04/2024

Quantyca partecipated at the Data Innovation Summit 2024.

The DIS24 took place in April 24th to 25th as a hybrid event, on-site in Stockholm and online via the dedicated platform. The event will be the place where data, analytics, and artificial intelligence professionals come together to learn, inspire, network, and brainstorm.


Data product catalog: from data contracts to knowledge graph

The management of data as a product is at the core of all modern approaches to data management. The objective is to build modular data architectures capable of effectively handling their complexity and evolving sustainably over time. While data contracts are crucial for achieving interoperability among data products, they alone fall short in ensuring their composability. To this end, a data product catalog is necessary.

In this talk, we will explore what a data product catalog is and how it leverages metadata contained in data contracts to make data products addressable, discoverable, and understandable for consumers  or in simpler terms, to make them effortlessly composable to implement an unbouded set of use cases. Specifically, we will see how the data product catalog can link the data and metadata of each data product to a semantic data model (domain ontology), thus constructing an enterprise knowledge graph essential for enabling self-service analytics and generative AI use cases.

  • What is a data contract and why every data product should have one
  • What a data product catalog is and why it is necessary
  • How to enable GenAI use cases building an enterprise knowledge on top of data product catalog
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The Speech

Andrea Gioia
CTO at Quantyca
Jacopo Aliprandi
Head of Product & Partner Blindata
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“Data Product Catalog: contracts to knowledge graph” by Andrea Gioia, CTO & Partner at Quantyca SpA | Interview


Data Product Catalog: from Data Contracts to knowledge graph | Slide

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