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Online webinar

Snowflake, a Data Platform with all the trimmings

How to answer to the main challenges of the Data Management exploiting the features of the Cloud Data Platform proposed by Snowflake

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Snowflake, a Data Platform with all the trimmings

Snowflake, a Data Platform with all the trimmings

Quantyca, a technology consultancy specialising in Data Management and partner of Snowflake, talked about the main challenges in today's market and the competitive advantages of using Snowflake.


This webinar discussed features including:

  • Separation of storage and compute
  • Virtual Warehouses
  • Zero-Copy-Cloning
  • Data Exchange
  • Support for semi-structured data


Snowflake's integration with other Quantyca offerings, such as Data Integration and Data Bus, was also discussed.


A live demo illustrated the main features mentioned and demonstrated their applicability on a use case.




Target audience

CIO, CTO, CDO, IT Manager, IT Enterprise Architect




For any information please write to comunicazione@quantyca.it


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Snowflake, una Data Platform coi fiocchi
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Pietro La Torre
Lead Data Engineer, Quantyca
Lorenzo Tagliaferri
Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake
Michele Tessari
Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake