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Continuous Intelligence

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Evento in collaborazione tra Quantyca & Radicalbit

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In the past, value generation has been achieved by putting applications at the center of traditional IT architectures. Software solutions, therefore, have acted as the main enabler of Business Processes. Data have always been seen as a by-product, i.e. a consequence of the applications that need that data. This application-centric approach has led to the fragmentation of data into distinct silos which have increased the integration management over time.


Today the number of silos and the amount of data they manage have made integration costs no longer sustainable, leading to a more data-centric approach. Data are indeed the real asset that survives applications. Each new project should be able to access the data it needs through an integration platform which gives a trust of its quality, reducing the number integration by an order of magnitude.


To take advantage of the large amount of data collected continuously from an ever-increasing number of heterogeneous sources, the platform should be able to manage data in motion in addition to the historical data traditionally saved in a Data Warehouse and a Data Lake. For this reason, modern Data Platforms combine traditional batch systems with stream processing platforms. The real-time integration and continuous intelligence features that stream processing platforms make available allow, respectively, to keep the various application silos synchronized, and to speed up the decision-making process.


Main topic

Challenges related to managing real-time integrations and, more generally, continuous intelligence mainly concern factors such as the computing power and scaling capacity of the components that make up the IT infrastructure. Designing data architectures capable of managing both historical and streaming data is not trivial from a technical point of view. It is, therefore, necessary to have solutions that can collect and analyze large amounts of data in self-service mode.


This webinar will present RNA (Radicalbit Natural Analytics), a platform that combines Stream Processing with Artificial Intelligence and offers a self-service solution that collects and analyzes millions of data in real time. The platform integrates those data and provides advanced analytics in real-time, giving the possibility to analyze the data in an autonomous way with tools that go beyond traditional Business Intelligence to discover correlations and develop forecast analyzes.


Key elements

  • Data Platform Evolutions
  • From an Application-Centric approach to a Data-Centric one: a paradigm shift
  • The role of stream processing and real-time integration
  • Main use cases
  • The concept of self-service Platform
  • RNA key capabilities
  • RNA demo

Target audience

This webinar is designed for CIOs, Data Architects, Data Engineers and business users of medium and large companies.



For any information contact us at comunicazione@quantyca.it

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Matteo Cimini
Lead Software Engineer, Quantyca
Roberto Mariotti
Technical Presales Manager, Radicalbit