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Data Governance

Data and applications are often seen as contrasting elements, due to the ongoing transition from an application-centric to a data-centric perspective. At Quantyca, we share the vision of data as a durable asset that outlasts the application that created it, but we also believe that the ability to develop custom applications, in addition to off-the-shelf products, remains an important competitive differentiator.

Most of the attention in the data space is focused on storage systems, analysis tools, or ETL processes. At Quantyca, we have a 360° view of data and believe that operational applications should also be designed following best practices in data management.

They should not be disconnected monoliths from the rest of the data architecture but should be an integral part of it in a natural and homogeneous way. Data integration should not be treated as an external factor to applications, as they should be developed with a global perspective in mind. The culture of data as a corporate asset and not the property of a single application should guide their development.

That’s why at Quantyca, we develop custom applications tailored to our clients’ specific needs, combining our expertise in data management with deep mastery of the individual technologies and frameworks, whether used for backend applications, frontend applications, massive analysis and transformation, or predictive model development.

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Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Engineering

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