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Data Governance

Data Governance is an ongoing process that covers the entire data lifecycle and aims to ensure proper data management.

To implement effective Data Governance procedures, it is necessary to carefully design appropriate processes, as failing to implement them correctly can introduce entropy.

At Quantyca, we combine organizational know-how with a deep understanding of the most suitable technological tools to support the implementation of Data Governance processes and reduce operational complexity.

Some of the main features included in Data Governance tools are:

  • Business Glossary, to gather in a single repository the various departmental definitions, often fragmented and varied, standardizing and disambiguating them.
  • Data Catalog, to centralize information on data assets, facilitating their sharing within the company.
  • Data Discovery, to identify company data assets, improving the knowledge of those already known and bringing to light those less guarded.
  • Data Quality, to monitor the quality of company data against well-defined rules and baselines, often including proactive alerting.
  • Data Lineage, to trace the origin of data and its path through transformation steps.

Depending on business needs, other modules or tools can be added to extend the scope of Data Governance or enhance specific aspects. Finally, it is important that the tools do not operate in isolation but are effectively integrated with each other, creating a true Data Governance platform.

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Data Governance

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